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Our commercial painting and decorating services

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Are you looking at a commercial remodelling project?

Deciding to paint your office or workplace is the first step to improving the quality of your business. The benefits of commercial painting are endless. Strokes of Perfection offer commercial painting services for all types of businesses: office buildings, apartment complexes, retail buildings, shopping centres, restaurants, and much more! Our commercial painting services are a great way to improve the appearance of any building and to keep it looking brand new. The exterior paintwork of a building is very important for any business as it's usually the first thing a customer will see. It is also generally what a customer will base their first impression on - the character of the business.

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Service You Can Count On

Every business is unique therefore how you present your company is critical, not only to your clients but also to your employees. When people work in a pleasant, happy environment, it reflects on the job they do for you. Make your company a place that people want to come to. Our commercial painting projects are always completed within an estimated time-frame to avoid any disturbance to your business and day-to-day operation. We can arrange after-hours services to meet the requirements of any busy business and will be glad to offer complimentary estimates for your project today.

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Distinctive Colour

Colour strategy is very important in a commercial environment and is used to evoke various emotional responses. A freshly painted business will always be more inviting to customers. Retailers should consider the power of colour in direct marketing and how colour carries meaning through association culturally. Australia is not the same as America, or the United Kingdom where the vocabulary of colour is concerned. While colour is a great marketing tool, it is also important in an office environment. For example; warm neutral tones with a splash of colour can help productivity whereas using bright colours located in hallways or common-areas can inspire happiness and motivation. For more information about how colour can help your business please read our Colour Consultant page.

Commercial Services List

The table below details our Commercial painting and decorating services. If you require a painting and decorating service not outlined in the table below, give us a call and tell us about your requirements.

Who We Are

Strokes Of Perfection P/L are an Adelaide based painting and decorating firm. Specialising in new-homes, repaints, faux effects, paperhanging, residential, commercial, interior, exterior painting and maintenance services.

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