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Dulux Accreditation

Dulux Accredited Painters are specially selected based on strict recruitment criteria including workmanship and reliability. All Dulux Accredited Painters use Dulux premium paints, personally sign an ethical and professional standards document, comply with all safety regulations and hold a minimum of $5 million public liability insurance. It all adds up to a quality job that will add value to your home.

Skilled Painters:

Dulux Accredited Painters are specially selected by Dulux for their superior skills and their commitment to the painting industry. This commitment ensures that they engage in proper quality assurance practices.


Dulux Accredited Painters are reliable and will turn up on time or telephone you. Their reputation is important to them, another reason why they have been selected by Dulux.

Quality Workmanship:

Using premium quality Dulux paints is another indication that your Dulux Accredited Painter is a quality painter. The pride they take in their workmanship leads to a quality job and customer satisfaction.

Environmentally conscious: 

Dulux Accredited Painters are committed to adopting practices that are friendly to the environment including:

  • Compliance with environmental legislation;
  • Compliance with air and noise quality guidelines;
  • Adopting friendly waste management practices;
  • Safe and responsible clean-up of brushes and paint equipment;
  • The use of environmentally friendly paint products with low odour formulation such as
    Dulux Envir02, a premium paint product with low VOC (upon request).

For more information regarding Dulux Accreditation, visit the Dulux Accredited Website.

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Greenpainters Accreditation

Accredited Greenpainters are trained in environmental management and sustainable painting practices.

Sustainability Action Plans:

Greenpainters Accredited Painters use waste-water minimization techniques and technology to protect your garden and are trained in environmental management to reduce waste. Greenpainters are also qualified to advise clients on which eco-preferable paints to use for their project and is sensitive to the needs of allergy sufferers.

Licensed and Insured:

Greenpainters Accredited Painters have the required licenses, insurances and adhere to an Environmental Code of Practice.

For more information regarding Greenpainters, visit the Greenpainters Website.

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Dulux Cool Roof Installer

Dulux Cool Roof Commercial Installers are a select group of extensively trained contractors/applicators who are registered to market & install Dulux AcraTex Cool Roof Membrane systems. Each Dulux Cool Roof Commercial Installer markets & installs cool roof systems that:

  • Can demonstrate the benefits of Cool Roofs;
  • Uses only Dulux AcraTex Cool Roof Membrane systems;
  • Adheres to Industry Best Practice;
  • Holds Appropriate Public Liability Insurance;
  • Offers a Dulux Cool Roof Membrane system warranty;
  • Offers Cool Roof Installer Workmanship Warranty;
  • Operate QC systems & processes to ensure peace of mind;

For more information regarding Dulux Cool Roof installation, visit the Dulux Cool Roof Commercial Solutions.

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