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Our Colour Consultants are professional Interior Decorators

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There are literally thousands of different paint colours, sheen levels and textures. Paint manufacturers seemingly offer an infinite number of colours between multiple hues as well as various types of coatings for specific substrates and purpose.

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Choosing the right colour, texture or type of paint is confusing without the right advice. Making choices for architectural design ingredients based on recommendation from paint/hardware sales people will generally lead to disappointing results.

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Professional Advice

We offer professional advice on architectural coatings, colour harmony, colour hierarchy and proportions, colour schemes, colour interactiveness and relationships including discordant colours for special effects and urban finishes. We also offer specialised services for colour matching.

Specialist Services

colour consultant matching colours

Matching Colours

We can match existing paint colours and personalise a colour theme based on your decor, furniture and surroundings.

various wood grains and stains

Wood Grain

Wood grain and stains can be matched to suit restoration projects where existing timber cannot be replaced or replicated by traditional means.

various urban finishes and special painting effects

Urban Finishes

Urban finishes, special effects, murals and textured coatings can be matched for restoration purposes.

* Contact Us for pricing and availability.

Colour Consulting Services List

The table below details our Colour Consulting services. If you require a service not outlined in the table below, give us a call and tell us about your requirements.

Who We Are

Strokes Of Perfection P/L are an Adelaide based painting and decorating firm. Specialising in new-homes, repaints, faux effects, paperhanging, residential, commercial, interior, exterior painting and maintenance services.

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